The Process

Posted: May 30, 2012 in The Art of Publishing

Enough messing around, how about a real post? You may ask where I am at in regard to getting my work out to the world (okay, you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you). So far work with New Libri Press has been promising and I have a good feeling about my association with them. Michael (one-half of the sterling publishing team) has been up front and helpful from the get-go. The contract has been reviewed and approved by my talented and breathtaking attorney sister (she reads this blog, I had to say something nice) and has just been signed and mailed to New Libri. Michael informs me it will take up to six months to get the work shaped up and ready to be published. Personally, I think the manuscript is in good shape and perhaps we can shave some time off of that projection. TOUCHED will first be published as an e-book as that is certainly an undeniable trend of the publishing business. Soon after that the hard copy version will be available. I have already designed the early version of the website/blog (duh!) and have my Twitter at the ready for my twittering of captivating tweets that will rock the Western world (I’m comin’ to get you and your mindless followers, Lady Gaga!). Facebook is next as I’m being drug into a techno-world that I have avoided forever (Just peruse THE OLD MAN ON THE LAKE sample). But… “adapt or perish” a wise man once said (Flavor Flav?). So that’s just what I’m gonna do. That’s it for now…gotta get to work.

Until next time…


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