The Top Ten Things I Learned on Summer Vacation

Posted: July 3, 2012 in General

1)      That I have turned into a total wimp and rarely jump into the lake for fear that it is too cold.

2)      That my Father’s Day gift of an I-Pod is a damn good invention. Are they new?

3)      That biking in the northwoods is an awful lot of fun.

4)      That I suck at fishing (But not as bad as my son that had to go to the ER to get a hook out of his finger. What a nimrod!)

5)      That Stroh’s beer (which the same son bought) tastes just as good as it did in college when it was $1.59 a six pack.

6)      That the sun takes me to a happy place.

7)      That I absolutely am incapable of sitting still anymore. I believe I have AOADD (Adult Onset Attention Deficit Disorder).

8)      That the Amish know more than we (the “English”) do. See past “Luddite” post.

9)      That not having any idea of what time it is, is a good thing.

10)   That not blogging for a week will not end the world as we know it. (But I bet my three followers were in a state of total depression. Thanks sisters and a random follower in a trailer in Mobile, Alabama!)

  1. mcmaurer says:

    You are so funny ! Yes, you were missed for the week you were gone. So agree about the sun and not knowing what time it is or what is happening in the world…….

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