Slowwwww Motion!

Posted: July 7, 2012 in The Art of Publishing

Okay, I admit it. I’m old. I’m slowing down and when I move fast no one knows it even if they’re watching. But although my hair is greying and the wrong joints are stiffening, I will never be as slow as the publishing business.

Get this: I just received a reply from a literary agent for a sample I sent out over six months ago (of course, he told me how brilliant I was before he rejected me). Last week I was told by the publisher of TOUCHED that it will be in the early part of next year before the novel will see the light of day. And that time frame is actually fast in the world of publishing. He explained that most publishers may take well over a year before the author’s work might see the light of day. My first thought was it was a good thing the major premise of my novel wasn’t how happily married Tom Cruise is or how Mitt Romney was caught with a Canadian hooker (oh, that hasn’t happened yet? Just you wait).

So in the world of writing and publishing the mantra is “Hurry up and wait”. I can do that, I guess. After all, I waited over a year before I painted the front porch and even longer to clean the attic. But the basement will just have to wait.

But do me a favor, just don’t tell my wife.

  1. Stevo says:

    Touched will be worth the wait!

  2. mcmaurer says:

    Paul, I llove it……Hurry up and wait! Mum’s the word on the basement…..and think of it this way….2013 will be a TREMENDOUS YEAR FOR AUTHOR PAUL C. MAURER!!

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