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So Now What?

Posted: August 2, 2012 in The Art of Writing

Writer’s write. It is as simple as that. And to get better at anything, be it basketball or tiddlywinks (look it up, youngsters), one must practice in order to get better. Writing is much the same way. My first attempt at writing was a children’s book about an oversized frog aptly named “Frogzilla”. I was certain my story about a mutant pond creature would set Dr. Seuss’ hair on fire. Alas, instead the work ultimately ended up on the bottom of someone’s birdcage. As I re-read it recently, it occurred to me that may have been the perfect place for it.

So what’s the point?

The point is I try to write something each day whether it is re-writing a previous work or something as silly as the musings of Master P and his fantasy football genius. It is the only way to improve my skills. And lately I have undertaken a new genre and am entrenched in writing a memoir. Mine? No, that would be silly. What would I write about? How yesterday I watered the garden and picked up doggie doo? Or how when I was ten I hit a home run in little league (never mind the three errors)? No, I’m helping a friend who has undergone some hard times with an extremely dysfunctional family and a hellacious battle with alcoholism that left him contemplating taking his own life in the Milwaukee River. It’s a story of redemption that I hope I can capture adequately in words. At least I’m going to write as well as I can and continue to try and improve doing something that I enjoy.

My own memoir can wait. Perhaps someday I’ll have something to write about more exciting than folding my boy’s boxers while watching a toothless hillbilly shoot a poor gator in the head.

Then again, don’t count on it.