I’ve Been a Bad Boy

Posted: December 7, 2012 in The Art of Publishing

Okay, I admit it’s been forever. I haven’t posted and I have no excuse aside from being busy with life. So where am I at with the publication of TOUCHED? Glad you asked (okay, you didn’t, but I’m still gonna tell you). Well, the editing is nearly complete and it turns out the manuscript was not perfect after all (hard to believe!). Stasa from New Libri gave me tremendous insight and certain flaws in the storyline were pointed out that improved after a series of subtle re-writes. I also helped proof the E-book version as that particular format was prone to its own set of errors. But…we are getting closer! Last but not least we are in the stages of finalizing the cover art. I expect the E-book version to be released in the first quarter of 2013 and the hard copy sometime shortly thereafter. So hold your breath (or at least suppress a yawn), TOUCHED is still a comin’!

  1. mcmaurer says:

    Thank you for the update Bad Boy. That is awesome to hear – great works take time! I so look forward to the conclusion of this masterpiece and reading it in its final version.

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