“A Man’s Got to Know His Limitations”

Posted: January 9, 2013 in The Art of Publishing, Uncategorized

Or so says Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry back in the day. What’s an old movie quote got to do with anything? Well, I’m finding the marketing of TOUCHED has demonstrated front and center that I have limitations within the world of marketing a new book. With the digital age swallowing all of us, it has also made for increasing complexity in the world of publishing. Due to New Libri Press being a small publisher, stress is placed upon the author him or herself to “get the word out”. My first inclination was to do a mass mailing to every household north of the Mason-Dixon line, but decided against it when my boys got hungry again and I drained the checking account for a gallon of milk and a box of Ritz crackers (on sale!).

Instead I went to Plan B which consisted of cheaper alternatives including business cards, internet posts and notifications to local newspapers to create some visibility. In the future, book fairs and signings are on the agenda when the “paper” version is available. Purchased advertising is also on the horizon. But just as important as any of those is good ‘ol word of mouth. This may range from, “Hey, did you know that dillweed Maurer put out a book? Hell, the guy can barely figure out the velcro on his tennis shoes!” to “Paul has a body like Adonis, a mind like Einstein, and a way with words that makes J.K. Rowling shudder. I am so in on his new book!” (I’m betting the truth may lie somewhere in between). What’s the point? The bottom line is I have no problem if you talk up TOUCHED be it good, bad or ugly.

After all, like the man says I got myself some major major limitations. If you don’t believe me, just ask my wife and kids.


  1. mcmaurer says:

    Once again, you rock. I know a few of my friends bought the e version due to Facebook. Are you on Linked in too?

  2. mcmaurer says:

    I just took a leap and posted this funny anecdote on my page on both Facebook and Linked In – so thousands of people will see it !

    • Paul Maurer says:

      You are so nice! From now on I will pay you 10% of all future profits. (What’s 10% of nuthin’?) I need to get into Linked In but need more hours in the day!

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