Nuthin’ From Nuthin’ Leaves…?

Posted: January 21, 2013 in The Art of Publishing

What’s the answer in the title? Obviously, if you are old enough you’ll recognize it as an old song from Billy Preston (the man with the best afro ever) is “nuthin”. I was reminded of this when my publisher recommended that all of their authors should allocate 30% of their writing time toward marketing their book. Let’s see, after deducting the daily hours spent on work, chores, household clean-up, commuting, exercising, TV (yes, but only intellectual shows like “Sons of Anarchy”), coaching basketball, family time, walking the dog, sleeping etc. etc., I still have a boatload of time left. So now when I finally get on my laptop to do the fun stuff for an hour or two (writing, duh!), I have to waste it on getting the word out? 

In short, yes. 

It appears that any author not named Stephen King or J.K. Rowling is in the same boat. There is a perception that once you get a book published the gravy train will soon arrive at your door with a wad of greenbacks is unfortunately not a reality (I know, I checked twice today). The vast majority of writers struggle to make a living and the ones that are fortunate to be published have to do an extraordinary amount of dirty work, i.e. self-promotion – an icky thing that makes writers feel fairly similar to a horse’s posterior. 

So there it is. And just to let my publisher know, I spent thirty minutes on this blatant attempt at self-promotion. Since that’s the only time I have left, I’m fully at 100% of my available writing time for the day. 

Thanks for nuthin’, Billy.


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