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Back to School?

Posted: February 16, 2013 in The Art of Writing

Remember the old movie, Back to School, starring comedian Rodney Dangerfield? If you say “no”, it’s probably because you’re under forty years old or in 1986 you had something better to do. Anyways, ‘ol Rodney goes back to college as a fifty-something student and tears up the campus as he proves that age is no barrier to success.

Well, I ain’t no Rodney, but I’m back at back at school just the same. Last week I started a class at the University of Wisconsin –Milwaukee Continuing Education program where I am taking part in learning how to improve my writing skills. (What? You say that’s impossible? Thank you so much my loyal fan club of two!) I wish I had taken more writing classes ”back in the day” but at that time I was more concerned with which bar had a two-dollar pitcher night than putting written words on a page. Two dollars a pitcher you ask? Yes, young Jedi, there truly was a time. But I digress…the bottom line is I’m hoping to get better at writing and I’ll do what it takes.

My instructor has graduated from the esteemed Doctorate Program of the Immortal Word Academy of Southern California’s Writer’s Guild of Hemingway’s Descendants or something of that sort. In contrast, I once got a “C” in Sister Rosaire’s seventh grade English class at St. Alphonsus. Same-same? Probably pretty much a coin flip as far as I’m concerned.

But I’ll keep going to class and see what I can learn. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll learn the Triple Lindy of writing just like Rodney did all those years ago in the swimming pool. If I belly-flop instead, at least I stuck my neck out which is pretty much the whole point of life anyways, right?

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