“Always be closing?”

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Anybody remember the movie Glengarry Glen Ross? If you do you’ll recognize the title of this post as the key phrase of the movie. So what about it? It turns out writing’s mirror image is “Always be re-writing”. My next story, CONSIDER THE NIGHT, revolves around a suicidal Vietnam veteran who struggles with hallucinations and flashbacks as he attempts to reconcile with an estranged son dying of cancer. A year ago I thought the work to be complete, but through personal reflection and professional feedback, the story is in its third or fourth revision. Chopping, inserting, and deleting words has become a nightly occurence as I improve the story and make it all it can be. Although frustrating and at times numbing, the result is worth all of the effort no matter where the final version ends up (on an editors or agent’s floor or on the rack of a local bookstore). Nothing wrong with hard work when you are doing something that you love. Which I guess right now is re-writing my re-writes, re-writes.

Sigh. Oh well, no matter what it beats watching reruns of the toothless on Swamp People.

  1. mcmaurer says:

    Swamp people? REally? I loved the first draft, so I bet I will SUPER DUPER LOVE the final work !

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