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Quoted in Runner’s World!

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I was quoted for Runner’s World motivational quote of the day! The quote was from a 2006 novel I wrote entitled, The Gift – A Runner’s Story. The book itself was my first stab at writing and it shows. But…it was cool to have some of my old words come back seven years later. Thanks Runner’s World!


I Googled the quote and found the “full” excerpt used in many places including personal blogs, running clubs, running races, Facebook pages etc. Who woulds thunk? Below is the full quote:

“Running isn’t a sport for pretty boys…It’s about the sweat in your hair and the blisters on your feet. Its the frozen spit on your chin and the nausea in your gut. It’s about throbbing calves and cramps at midnight that are strong enough to wake the dead. It’s about getting out the door and running when the rest of the world is only dreaming about having the passion that you need to live each and every day with. It’s about being on a lonely road and running like a champion even when there’s not a single soul in sight to cheer you on. Running is all about having the desire to train and persevere until every fiber in your legs, mind, and heart is turned to steel. And when you’ve finally forged hard enough, you will have become the best runner you can be. And that’s all that you can ask for.”