Favorite Stuff!

These are a few of my favorite things: Cutting grass and picking weeds (weird, I know); Writing when the Muse takes total control over my brain; Quadrophenia by The Who (the best album ever); Sweating on on hot day; Windmills in the distance; Clint Eastwood’s scowl; Running when my knees could take it, biking now; Watching the Packers kick butt; The Sunday morning sports page (no Dad, I’m not memorizing it in there!); Jungleland by the Boss; When a perfect phrase or word hits my fingertips (totally subjective, I know); Messing with little kids and making them smile; Pete Townshend’s old jumpsuit; A quiet house; Fantasy Football (Can anyone say Master P rules?); Steven King’s On Writing; Watching my dog Theo play in a field, A cold beer after a hard workout; A campfire at Wood Lake; Lucinda Williams’ buttery voice; Beating Andrew and Boom Boom in fantasy football; Coaching youth basketball; Watching my wife sleep, Brett Favre, B.D. (Before Diva); Quenton Tarantino movies; The Shoto Sware; Making my own “pasghetti” sauce; Mammoth sunflowers (the bigger the better); Adam, Jeremy and Luke; The ride home from work Friday night; My cool nephews and nieces; A hard rain; The King’s I-Pod; Charlie and Cele!

What do I hate? Intense adults; Rappers who only love themselves; Cigarette smoke; The Asian chick on Grey’s Anatomy; A Packer loss; Literary agents who say I suck; People who litter along the highway; My neighbors weeds (any trend here?); Gnats – otherwise known as “God’s Mistake”;  Brett Favre, A.D. (figure it out!); Worrying about money; Kenan Thompson on Saturday Night Live (Please Mr. Michaels, find someone, anyone else!); Messing with little kids and they think I’m a perv; Bad writing that gets published (do I whine too much?); Tom Cruise’s big, smug face; Getting stuck in traffic; Lip synching; Bicyclists with pretty outfits: Guys on crotch-rockets that will soon be splattered; Adam Sandler’s bad movies; Loud people on cell phones!

  1. mcmaurer says:

    Leave it to this site to find out all your likes and dislikes. I never knew……xoxoxoxoxo You are amazing Paul; I cannot fathom where you find the time to do this. Love you.

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