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***** Touched April 22, 2013
By Nancy M.
I could not put this book down. It showed how many pressures teens live with today between peers, working parents, and just being “different” to others. It showed great humor at times especially the way teenage boys think and talk. (I raised 2 daughters – no sons and there are different issues with daughters). I laughed out loud at times and at other times my heart broke. I hope the world improves for our teenagers. I have teenage grandchildren and I intend to pass on this book to them. Many lessons to be learned for both teens and parents. I hope there are more books to come from this author.

***** stars: A great read! This book captures your interest in the first few pages. Paul Maurer is a great story teller. I can’t wait to read his next book! Amazon reader

**** This book was a very enjoyable quick and easy read. Maurer did an excellent job in creating a portal back into high school with it clicks, drama, and growing pains. Although the ending is quite unexpected and devastating, the book is well thought out and you can really get a decent idea of how Jimmy is feeling as his sophomore year progresses; you can understand and commiserate with Jimmy as he struggles to come into his own skin, as well as to determine the difference between right and wrong. Overall, I really enjoyed the characters and the roles that they played. The characters that you meet all played an important role and there was no need for filler characters.” Goodreads reader

**** Maurer has done an excellent job of character development with his main characters of Jimmy and Renee. These two are well developed and complex characters. I enjoyed seeing how Jimmy actually grew and developed over the course of the novel. Maurer actually hit the nail on the head about the growing up process that many people go through at this age. As for Renee, she made me very uncomfortable, in a good way. It is apparent that she is on a self-destructive path. It was hard for me to read and I wished some adult in her life would step in and get her some help. And the fact that I thought this about her shows what an excellent job Maurer did with making these two characters real. Goodreads reader

***** (5 Stars) Barnes & Noble: Unbelievable! This book had great “Truth” to it!The book had excellent creativity and a “voice” that stuck with me throughout. I loved how the writer was able to make me smile with comical remarks but also pull me in with the serious aspects. My expectations were exceeded and the ending couldn’t have been more genuine. I rarely read books twice but I’ll be sure to pick this one up again!

Got two 5 Star ratings on Barnes & Noble today. Thanks, Anonymous #1 and Anonymous #2!

Amazon Reader : ***** (5 Stars) “This book was an awesome read, I could not put it down. Very creative ending. Would of never guessed it. Would suggest this book to anyone looking for a quick and entertaining read.”

More pending from a variety of young adult blogs.

“I love TOUCHED! And by the way, Paul is by far my favorite son.”  Mom Maurer

Okay, I jest. But keep the reviews coming!

  1. mcmaurer says:

    Touched is beyond fantastic – a must read for the literate!

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